DeWitt Hospital and Nursing Home is a not-for-profit hospital located in DeWitt, Arkansas.
DeWitt Hospital and Nursing Home is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Ambulance Services
DeWitt Hospital EMS is dedicated to providing the
highest level of care in all areas of Emergency Medical
Services (EMS). Our standard is to ensure that every
patient receives personalized, professional and
compassionate care. In addition to working on the
ambulances we also provide patient care in all areas of
the hospital.

All of our ambulances are equipped well above the
guidelines set by the Arkansas Department of Health.
Given the quality, quantity and variety of equipment we
utilize, we feel that our ambulances are some of the
best equipped ambulances in the state. In addition to
the required equipment we also include pulse
oximeters, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, auto
vents and pediatric immobilizers.