When coming to DHNH for an outpatient visit, or to be seen in
the emergency room, please make sure that you have the
following information ready to present upon check in:

    Drivers License
Current Insurance Information
    Order from doctors office (if applicable)
    Current list of medications (ER and Heart Clinic)
    A driver may be required if you are receiving certain
            medications or treatments by our staff.

Be prepared to sign paperwork, or if you are unable, bring
someone who can legally sign for you. We require a signature in
order to treat you at our facility.
If any information given is incorrect, this may prevent timely filing
of insurance, and/or non payment of claims by your insurance
carrier. We will not accept responsibility for your bill when the
incorrect information was given upon check in.

We will attempt to contact you if a your information appears to
be incorrect. If we do not receive a response from you in a timely
manner, you may receive a bill for the services rendered at the         
time of your visit.
DeWitt Hospital and Nursing Home is a not-for-profit hospital located in DeWitt, Arkansas.
DeWitt Hospital and Nursing Home is an Equal Opportunity Employer
What to bring to  your appointment